Who inspires you? Entrepreneurial leaders? visionary leaders? Prophets? Social Justice Leaders such as Rosa Parks and MLK Jr.  Maybe people who live in and teach kindness and compassion such as Jesus, Gandhi or Mother Teresa.  Whoever they are, you know who they are.  It’s important to have people that inspire you in life, those who inspire you create and fuel an internal fire that you need to continue to fuel, in order to thrive in life and feel fulfilled.

If you don’t have anyone who inspires you, what character traits inspire you? Look for people that have those character traits and read their work, pursue having a connection with them and see their value in the world and implement it in your own life.

Currently the world is perfect, yet in a state of crazy chaos at the same time.  It’s perfect in certain aspects, but it’s very broken in other aspects.  I believe a fundamental reason for this is people work in misaligned ways therefore producing values that are nog aligned with their own creating pain and suffering.

Imagine for a minute that you are working as a janitor, and everything inside you wants to be an artist, and on the other side of the world someone is an artist, yet really does not enjoy it, it isn’t fulfilling for them.  They are only an artist because their father was an artist and they became an artist out of respect and admiration for their father.  They would be happier with a simple job, such as a janitor, simply because they get gratification out of taking something dirty, disorganized and unclean and leaving it beautiful.

And as for the janitor, maybe their whole life they’ve painted, created amazing artwork but they never pursued selling their work, they are too afraid of what others think of their work, they hold back and are timid on unleashing their highest passion in the world.

Fear holds both of these individuals back, they are uninspired, they are working in ways that does not fulfill them on a daily basis, and considering we spend hours upon hours each week working and creating value this creates a broken, defeated spirit.  The unfulfilled nature of this leaves them feeling down and out, pursuing bad relationships, deciding to eat not as healthy, and deciding to feel and possibly even believe they are a victim, in both cases.

This lack of internal value and external work is very common in today’s world, many people are in careers and work that is not fulfilling to them at all.  In fact, I believe I heard that 8 out of 10 people hate their job, 8 out of 10.  That’s 80%, imagine how many people out of the 2/10 dislike their job, or would prefer to do something different.  I’d venture to say that 95%+ of people have something inside them that is more inspiring, more passionate, more invigorating than what they currently do in their work as a career.

Pursuing this is one of the ultimate experiences in a truly happy and true to yourself type of life.  When you pursue this internal value, find someone inspirational that has done it before, and move in that direction, magic begins to occur.

You’re walking in the dark, scary forest one day and then just minutes later you’re walking in a disneyland of potential.

Pursue what inspires you, and find people that inspire you to continuously inspire you to move in that direction.  By doing this you change yourself for the better, and by changing yourself for the better, you change the world.

Pura Vida icon smile The World Needs More Inspirational People And Heres How You Can Be One Of Them

David King


How To Record Podcasts On A Mac Using Skype

by David King on February 19, 2014

in Software

Recently I moved to Costa Rica, and the internet is much more finicky and is slower overall.  It goes in and out unexpectedly so I have to be patient and aware of that.  I started the healthy wild and free podcast using a software solution called blogtalkradio which costs $39 a month.

They give you the live show and allow callers to call in.  I started using the software several months ago and thought it was alright at first but quickly realized that their software was out of date, the user experience was horrible and that there are a lot of bugs and glitches in their software.  Needless to say, i’m not too happy with my service using them.

So the other day I started recording a podcast using blogtalkradio and it just wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t connect properly and I am pretty sure that’s because of the extra bandwidth being used to connect two callers to a live web show and having that ‘middle man’ software to connect just wasn’t working.  The call was going in and out and not working so I had to scrap using blogtalkradio.

I didn’t know what to do in order to still record the interview because I still want to podcast while down here in Costa Rica so I updated my facebook status asking what they use to record audio via skype on a mac.  The resounding answer was to use call recorder, which is a software solution with an easy one-click button to record and stop the recording of a skype call.

So I downloaded the trial version of call recorder from ecamm network which you can get here: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/ and opened it and tested it out.  The audio worked perfectly and the recording was flawless with no ‘hiccups’ like the other software I was using through the web.  Once again, I believe that because call recorder uses less bandwidth and it’s a direct connection (you and the caller) it is more likely that the recording will be clearer and work better overall.

The podcast turned out great and I simply uploaded the audio for my next episode, the cool thing is that when using call recorder you can hit ‘record’ and ‘stop’ right when the podcast begins and ends, which is great because with other skype recording plugins it records the whole call so you have to do audio editing, but with call recorder you don’t, you can record, start the podcast, then stop recording and the audio is perfectly ‘edited’ if you will and ready to be uploaded to your podcast, or any other audio-based content online.

Just figured i’d share this information and recommend call recorder for skype users on macs if you are looking for the best solution to record audio’s, podcasts etc… Hope this helps!


David King


Last night Bill Gates called me, too bad it was in a dream. But we can all learn from dreams right? Really. Look back thousands of years and you’ll find that many, most, if not all cultures took dreams as a learning sign, as something to learn from. In fact, some cultures even saw dreams as the “real world” and the awake world as the ‘fake world’ in life. How interesting is that? They say the unknown, darkness space of dreaming, as the real world.

So why did bill gates call me in my dream? I vividly remember it. Bill gates called, and I didn’t answer, or even pick up. Smart huh? He called, but then left a message asking about the supplements that I take. It seems that he was interested in them.

Maybe my combination of absolute belief and conviction in the health/healing power and potency of these herbs and my desire to have them reach more people subconsciously programmed and set my mind up to be talking to one of the wealthiest people on the planet, about them, and how him as well as others can benefit from them, all in a dream of course.

So… what’s the bad news? well, bill gates obviously didn’t call me, it was a dream. But the that isn’t the real bad news. The bad news is disappointing to me, especially for someone that really commits to something full heartedly. The bad news is that the company that acquired amazon herbs, is a corporate mass marketing company that doesn’t understand valuable products, purity, potency, and the mission that amazon herb co was founded upon.

Amazon herb co was founded upon the highest quality healing botanicals from the amazon rainforest, and to give to the amazon rainforest through mainly the ACEER foundation (among other ways) to help sustain the rainforest and create a symbiotic relationship.

The new company that acquired this company though, just doesn’t get it. They are ripping the heart out of the value of these herbs, and by sometime next year, these organic, wildcrafted, spagyric extract herbs that have the highest therapeutic value of any supplements i’ve ever taken, will be gone, and dead for good.

When I found this out, it reminded me of that seen from Entourage where Vinny Chase destroys a whole movie launch just to tell the corporate money makers, and art destroyers how ridiculous they were. Here it is:

(Vulgar Language, FYI)

The vision that I believed in so much, the products, the company, the heart, the value, the commitment to excellence seems to be slowly slipping away with each new product release that’s probably half as good as the liquizon herbs.

Unfortunately, everything in life doesn’t work out as planned. Sometimes great things disappear, sometimes they vanish. Sometimes they are corrupted and altered for the purpose of more profits. Through this though, it has given me the perspective of being committed to what I believe in regardless, and finding out what I believe in and stand for, find out what truly helps people, and spearhead that into the web through content and social media.

You, and I both, can help a lot of people… if we focus on what is valuable to them, focus on value, focus on aligning with something that you truly care about. For me, the health value of amazon herbs was and still is incredible (until it’s gone) and I hope that during that time, those who care about their health get a chance to experience them.

I wrote a whole report called “Your supplements suck” on the quality range in the supplement industry and what sets the amazon herb liquizons apart from everything else out there. They work, they work better, they are more potent, much more therapeutic and act faster than anything i’ve seen. They are the equivalent of antibiotics or pharmaceuticals (in strength, potency, and speed of working in the body) except for they are organic, pure, and cause no side effects. You can learn more about them by reading this book.

Screen Shot 2013 12 15 at 4.04.52 PM 150x150 Bill Gates Called Me, But With Horrible News.

I hope you get a chance to try them out before they are completely gone, I recommend Fiberzon and Envirozon to my friends to start out because those two herbal blends help to detoxify, cleanse and heal the liver faster than anything else i’ve seen. As a result of this, your energy levels skyrocket, your digestive system works better, your mind is clearer, and you feel better overall… there are so many positive effects when you have a working digestive system.

What makes these herbs so special? so unique? so healthy and beneficial to us?


Well, the amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, it’s very humid, hot, and every plant and animal in the jungle has to fight and/or evolve to survive.  The plants in the rainforest literally eat each other, and because of the humid environment different viruses, fungus, bacterial infections and things like this will infect the plants and trees and take them out.  So over time the medicinal plants in the amazon rainforest have learned to evolve to develop some of the strongest anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties of any plants on the planet.  Not only that, but because the soil is so pure, the mineral and vitamin richness of the herbs is second to none.  Then you take into account the environment, a dense humid environment, with lot’s of sunshine, the floodplains, and all of the biodiversity, this creates an extraordinary environment for the strongest plants to become extremely potent and contain a lot of value.

Those plants are the base of the herbs, they are organic, which means they are not sprayed with any chemicals, they are wildcrafted, which means they are actually gotten from the amazon rainforest in the wild, and they are spagyric processed, which is a process that takes 5 weeks or so to do, it’s a process that keeps the structural integrity of the plant and makes it 300% more potent for the body as compared to it’s powdered capsule counterpart.

liquizon amazon herb 150x150 Bill Gates Called Me, But With Horrible News.

If you take into account all of these little things, it being preservative and additive free, and so much more, it makes sense why they work so well and people see such great results in their health using them. You can see a picture of the dark liquid herbal nutrient richness in this picture of me holding a few liquizon capsules…

I haven’t seen any other company that sells organic, wildcrafted, 100% pure, vegan, spagyric processed herbs from the amazon rainforest on the planet.  Unfortunately they won’t be around much longer so make sure you read the report that I wrote and get a chance to try a few of them out by ordering at: OrganicRainforestHerbs.com You’ll be glad you did.

I’m going to stock up right before they stop selling them and place a big order to have some for the next year or so, hopefully another company will begin selling them.

Thanks for reading,

- David King


A Little Subconscious Marketing Lesson From Steve Jobs For Software Entrepreneurs

December 10, 2013
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Ever wondered why Ipads, Iphones, the Imac and every other apple product is much cooler than other products? I’ve always been a bit curious why this impression is so prominent. I believe it’s because of the design and intuitive development and intuitive user experience when using an apple product. It’s cool to be simple, it’s [...]

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