How To Get Free Review Products As A Blogger

by David King on July 25, 2014

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As you may or may not already know, I recently launched the blog perks method, which is a program that teaches bloggers how to get free products from companies. Last year I got over 100 products worth thousands of dollars using the blog perks method.

Here’s a conversation with Robin Cockrell from on how this method came about and why it works, hope you enjoy the conversation and learn something from it:

You can get a copy of the blog perks method here.
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I hope you use it for your blog and have a lot of fun using it!


David King


The Blog Perks Method Launches June 23, 2014.

by David King on June 15, 2014

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I’ve been working hard on creating and making the blog perks method something that will benefit every blogger, and hopefully reach thousands of bloggers all over the world.

The Blog Perks Method is a digital training program that I developed after using the methods myself.  The method is a step-by-step method to get free products sent to you in the mail that you want.  It’s like going online with an anonymous credit card and shopping, getting what you want for free and not having to pay for it.

Companies are willing to send you products because they realize that you are influential as a blogger but you have to know How and Who to approach at these companies, and the blog perks method is the exact system that i’ve used to do so myself and have done so for about 2 years successfully now receiving thousands of dollars in free products that i’d otherwise have to pay for.

The method works well, and i’m looking for affiliates to partner with, for more information on becoming a JV or affiliate partner please subscribe at

Learn more about the blog perks method here:

Once again subscribe at for affiliate updates.

Enjoy the program if you become a member ( and good luck
in your affiliate promotions.

- David

P.S. Learn more about the Blog Perks Method at or on the Blog Perks Method youtube video.


Remember the three stages of an idea, First they’ll say it’s impossible. Next, they’ll say it’s possible but not worth doing. Finally, they’ll say that they knew it was a good idea all along.

Thought this was quite funny, from Harvey Reese in his book “How To License Your Million Dollar Idea.”

In this book Harvey discusses and is very resourceful on Intellectual property (IP), trademarks, patents, provisional patents, copyrights etc.

It’s full of insightful and valuable advice from an industry veteran that’s been there and done it himself. It was a great read and I highly recommend it if you are interested in licensing your ideas at all. Harvey created a new product for the ‘fake flower’ industry when he was broke, down and out and he walked out of the company with a $4,000 check and earned royalties on that idea for several years.

It’s inspiring, insightful, guiding and helps you find which direction to go in with your idea.
I’m really enjoying the book and recommend it for sure!

You can grab a copy of it by clicking the book image… 51m1od%2BUMaL. SL160  How To License Your Million Dollar Idea Review

I found this book very valuable and useful and definitely recommend it. If you are looking for another valuable book in this arena I recommend 51tHGHqdc7L. SL160  How To License Your Million Dollar Idea Review by Stephen Key, both great books on this topic that will help you license your idea and collect checks for years to come. You can get one simple idea here.

Enjoy your day!

David King


Having Fun At Techweek Detroit

May 23, 2014
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Techweek is an event held in 5 cities, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and Miami.  I just finished going to Techweek here locally in Detroit and had a great time, the event was well put together and I made a lot of great connections and learned about cutting edge technology in the business and […]

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