Bees aren’t supposed to fly…

by kingdavidb on October 16, 2008

in Motivation

Mathematically bees shouldn’t be able to fly.

Their size and weight seem to be too large for their wings in some people’s perspective…

What do you think?

I watched the Bee movie tonight and it got me thinking…

The synopsis goes like this.

A bee graduates high school, college and is now going to be working in the real “bee world”

Right away all of the bees who graduated were thrown into the honey factory… of course their bee’s!

They tell all the bees choose your job wisely because it’s the job that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

The bee’s are excited… but not Barry… (the main character.. it’s a bee!)

Barry ventures into the real human world out of the bee hive and discovers that there is a whole new world around him waiting to be discovered and explored.

He despises working for Honex because he doesn’t want to work the rest of his life doing the same thing.

so he does the entrepreneurial thing!


he leave’s the Hive, Ventures out on his own!

I Loved the movie and would encourage you to watch it.

Here are the things that I believe…

There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you to grab it.

You can do what You weren’t supposed to be able to do.

Now go out and Grab Life by the horns!

David King,

Remember… Bee’s mathematically shouldn’t be able to fly yet they still do.

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