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by David King on August 9, 2011

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Eben Pagan is launching his new “Guru MasterclassClick here to learn more about guru masterclass.  I am offering several bonus options for you for getting it through my link.

The guru masterclass is a training program that teaches authors and educators how to take their knowledge and create information products from them to build an online information publishing business.

Here are my bonus ideas:

#1 – Private skype consulting with me

This would be 2 hours of consulting in either one session or two sessions with me.  If I were to do this I would charge $500 an hour for consulting.  I give at least $1,000 an hour in value though! I have built multiple information products and have made thousands of dollars from information marketing and that continues to grow faster and faster.  I specialize in social media marketing and am currently ranking on the first page of youtube for the most competitive term in my market with 7 separate videos. In this market I get thousands of views on my videos each and every day and this grows my youtube following, fan page and sales daily.

I also do a little bit of SEO and some other things that will increase traffic and sales.  As far as an overall business strategy session I will help you more than most other business consultants just b/c I have made money in multiple markets and have a great understanding of what works and how/why it works.  I have made money in affiliate marketing, information marketing, blogging, video marketing, consulting and more! If your business uses any of these I can help you take it to the next level and have a long term business vision to dominate in your space just like I am doing in mine now.

#2 – This is your choice of a bonus idea!

Run the idea by me and if I approve it’s yours! This could be some sort of internet marketing service, consulting, electronics or whatever.

Just facebook me at and let’s chat about it.

The guru masterclass is launching soon and get your bonus locked down so that you can get a bonus with it too!

Chat soon,


David King

Contact me on facebook here.

Get the guru masterclass from eben pagan here!

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